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During the training periods, in autumn and spring, you will live in Hald International Centre in Mandal. The place has a long and rich history; among other things it has served as a hideout for pirates.

The classrooms

Most of the classes take place in the great hall which has room for 150 students. The hall contains a stage, and it is possible to divide it into two smaller rooms. We also have an older classroom in the main building, along with a few smaller conference rooms.
The classrooms are all equipped with projectors and sound systems which where installed in 2008. Other technical aids such as overhead projectors, microphones, additional loudspeakers and mixer are also available if necessary.

Kitchen and food

The food at Hald has a very good reputation. The kitchen has the capacity of cooking for 150 persons at a time. They serve anything from traditional Norwegian dishes to exotic food from all corners of the world. Bread and buns are always home made.
As a student at Hald you will enjoy three meals a day, in addition to a fruit break at midday. Breakfast is like any Norwegian breakfast, with all that may imply. Next is the fruit break, which consists of a variety of fresh fruits. We have dinner early, between one and two o'clock. As mentioned it can consist of both Norwegian and more exotic food. The last meal of the day is supper which is taken early in the evening. The students also have access to a student kitchen, with good opportunities for cooking own food if desired. 

The dorms

We have two dorms which together consist of 32 rooms: 13 with two beds and 19 with four. All rooms have their own bathrooms with shower and toilet. Each dorms has its own laundry room with washing machines and tumble driers. In the main building there is a living room, a TV room and a dining hall for common use. 
As a student at Hald you will share your room with one or more international students.