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General information

Hald International Centre is a meeting place for cross-cultural understanding and international work, with common goals within the fields of development, mission and leadership.

About HIS

Hald International Centre is a school owned by the Strømme Foundation, the Norwegian Mission Society and Laget. The school offers a course in cross-cultural understanding and international work. The study is a good mixture of theory and practice, where all the students have a 6 months placement in a different culture. One of our distinguishments is the international setting at the school. We have students from different countries in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. Cross cultural learning thus happens both at the school in Norway and abroad in the practice placements!

Admission criteria

A precondition for admission as a student at Hald International Centre is that you have completed three years of high school education, or have acceptable study- or working competence. The programme is best suited for persons between the ages of 18-25. Language knowledge and organisational experience will be emphasised. Students from outside Norway have to know english. Having career experience or education from college or university will be an advantage.


For students from outside Norway the application process will be different from country to country. Normally you apply to the local partner organization. 

Interview with applicants

Potential candidates will be called in for an interview before admission. 

Country and practice placement
When we allocate students to the different placements, we attempt to consider several things: language knowledge, the students’ interests and experiences, the needs of the practice placement, and the team composition. 


The norwegian students pay a fee of 99 000 NOK.  You will then get all expenses covered in relation to your time spent at Hald and in the internship place (including food and accommodation in Norway and the practice placement, travel, vaccines, insurance, teaching, etc.). You must expect some additional costs to cover books and pocket money, but most things are included!

The international students will get the expenses paid by NOREC.


The teaching at Hald is mostly arranged according to themes. We concentrate on 5 academic areas:

  1. Culture and cross-cultural understanding.
  2.  Aid and development
  3. Bible, mission and deacony (diakonia)
  4. Development of leaders and personal growth
  5. Information, communication and conveyance. 

Read the curriculum

All the students will be taught in these academic areas, but the three programmes have slightly different emphases. Act Now studies mostly aid and development, while Connect and Interact emphasise Bible, mission and diakonia, and Fokus has an extra emphasis on developing leaders and on personal growth. 

Volontary work

An important part of the year at Hald is information work following the practice placement. Here you wil l have an opportunity to convey and share a bit of what you have experienced during the practice placement to others here in Norway. 

We offer the following study opportunities/exchange programes:

  • Act Now  (Strømme Foundation)
  • Interact (Laget)
  • Connect (The Norwegian Mission Society)

For contact information to the School office, click here.



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