Møt våre trainee`er for skoleåret 2023-2024

Morten Stokke, 21 years old, Norway 

I was a student at Hald during 2022-2023 going to Kenya. During my stay at Hald, and my time in Kenya, I fell in love with meeting new people and challenges, and in love with the beauty of this school!  

That is why I am so grateful, and I thank God for the opportunity to serve for one more year. In a year beyond this world!  

It is amazing to be able to work in an international environment, where you can get input from all around the world, just outside your doorstep!  

I look forward to the tasks of being a trainee and traveling around Norway spreading the good news about Hald! I am also looking forward to meeting the students in the spring, to seeing all the fruit they will be bearing! 


Marcela Marcos, 29 years old, Brazil 

I am the oldest of four sisters, who is in love with Jesus and student missionary ministry! 

My history with Hald starts with the IFES movement in Brazil (ABUB). In 2014 I got to know about “a group” of students that had bible studies in the university. After moving to a new city, I contacted this group on my new campus and practically became engaged since day one. 

It was the best of all worlds for me: the gospel, social justice, the fight for peace, and youth leadership all together in one place.  

In 2017, right after concluding my bachelor’s in Geography, I was selected by ABUB to be part of the 2017-2018 Interact class at Hald Internasjonale Skole. That was a life-changing experience, it was an environment that settled my heart in one conviction: I was made for that.  

Over the years, I got to understand that working with the gospel, students, different cultures, and communication, while taking care of people, is part of my essence!  I couldn’t be more excited to work with all of it together during this year as a trainee at Hald. 


Saray Rodriguez, 28 years old, Colombia 

I was a student at Hald in the interact program south-south last year. I am from Colombia and went to Brazil during my internship period. I am very grateful to UCU – my sending organization in Colombia, LAGET, ABUB, NOREC, and all the different organizations that made this experience possible. 

Does living with people from different continents, countries, cultures, faiths, and backgrounds sound like a year beyond this world?  

I am very happy about the opportunity to be a part of the HALD family! 😊 It has been a beautiful experience, and I am so excited about now being a part of the staff and being able to give something back. HALD has meant a lot for me and my personal growth, impacting my worldview, relationships, and ways of communication. All the memories, friendships, deep conversations, new experiences, learnings, and stories are unmeasurably valuable.  

I can already see that this will also be a year of growth and loving memories <3. I cannot wait to see the 2023-2024 students blossom in the upcoming months! 😊  

 Vi er å glade for at vi har disse 3 som en del av staben dette skoleåret!